Utah state Sen. Mike Kennedy running to replace Rep. John Curtis in the House

By Reese Gorman, Washington Examiner | Posted January 5th, 2024

Utah Republican state Sen. Mike Kennedy announced he is running for the open House seat of Rep. John Curtis (R-UT), who is vying to replace retiring Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) in the Senate.

Kennedy has served in the state legislature since 2013, beginning as a state representative. He left the state House in 2018 to run for U.S. Senate but failed to defeat Romney in the primary election. Kennedy had won slightly more delegate votes at the Utah Republican Convention.

He subsequently ran for and won his state Senate seat.

“Our nation is at a pivotal moment,” Kennedy said in a statement. “As your state senator, I have fought tirelessly for fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, and for putting the interests of Utahns above special interests. Now, I am ready to take this commitment to a Congress deeply in need of conservative problem solvers and responsible governance. I will work diligently to secure our borders, restore fiscal discipline, protect our freedoms, and be a voice for common sense, civility, and integrity on the national stage.”

Kennedy, a family doctor by trade, also sponsored legislation to ban minors from receiving transgender surgeries. Following his introduction of the bill, his house was vandalized with graffiti.

The Utah Republican said that while he is a staunch conservative, he will work with members across the aisle to ensure legislation gets done.

“The challenges we face as a nation — from families struggling with the rising costs of inflation, our mounting national debt, and the need for strong border security — demand leaders who are ready to take on these issues and understand the importance of civil discourse and collaboration,” Kennedy said. “In Congress, I will work to ensure that the voices and values of everyday Utahns are not drowned by the bickering of those seeking to divide our country. We need leaders who will stand firm in their principles, challenge the status quo when needed, and work tirelessly for the freedoms, safety, and prosperity of all Americans.”

Roosevelt Mayor Rod Bird Jr. is also running to replace Curtis.

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