Meet Mike

We need representatives in Washington who understand that standing on principle is as crucial as the ability to effectively work toward common goals. Mike Kennedy represents both the conservative leadership and the civility Washington is lacking to get results for our families. Mike is committed to bringing principled, results-driven leadership to the forefront and putting Utahns ahead of special interests.

As a family physician, attorney, business owner, and father, Mike Kennedy has seen up close how the failure of Washington to control inflation, secure our border, or even pass a budget makes life harder for everyday Americans. As a legislator, serving in Utah’s part-time legislature, Mike Kennedy has been a conservative advocate for fiscal responsibility, limited government, and safeguarding individual liberties. His legislative achievements include working with others to cut taxes and balance the budget, while spearheading multiple efforts to make government more efficient and protecting the most vulnerable in society.

As a state senator, Mike is respected by colleagues on both sides of the aisle for his ability to listen and present thoughtful, conservative solutions to complex problems. Mike understands that standing on principle while getting things done is more important than just grabbing headlines.

No stranger to hard work, Mike grew up in a single-parent household, working to put himself through college at BYU and later medical school and law school. Today, Mike works as a family doctor in Lindon and volunteers his time providing free medical care to uninsured Utah residents at the Provo Volunteer Care Clinic. He is a dedicated husband to his wife of 31 years, Katrina, a father of eight, and a grandfather of nine. Mike’s diverse and unique expertise and his commitment to family values are the cornerstones of his approach to public service and making America a place where all can succeed.